Weekly Announcements – March 15, 2017

This week in worship:
Date: 19-Mar
Theme: Come, Drink Living Water
Plan: Iris Boswell
Speak: Mary Ragland
Piano: Ruth Anderson
PA: Amy Ragland
Deacons: Eldora Engebretson & Brad McMillan
PPT: Amy Ragland
Greeters: Greg Denton & Lucille Engebretson
New announcements are purple.

Don’t forget – the worship committee is looking for people to volunteer to plan/preside and speak for the services in February and March. Thank you so much for those that have stepped up and volunteered. We just need planners and/or presiders for the following Sundays in March and April. The themes are below – if you want to plan, preside or speak for any of the themes, please let Heather know.
(Key: P/P=Plan/Preside, S=Speak, $ – theme lends itself to a great fellowship service, *=Communion Sunday, shorter talk)
2-Apr: *I am the Resurrection and the Life (S) (Communion)
7-May: *Hear His Voice (Communion) (P/P & S)
14-May: I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life (P/P)
28-May: Open Our Minds to the Scriptures ($,P/P)
4-Jun: Rivers of the Living Water (P/P, S)
11-Jun: Go! Invite People to Christ (P/P, S)
18-Jun: Proclaim the Good News (P/P, S)
25-Jun: Take Up the Cross and Follow Me (P/P, S)

Arizona Mission Center is now accepting applications for Summer Youth Ministry Assistants. Click here for more information: http://tinyurl.com/znpvgt9.

Which pastor do you call if you have a question about Christian Ed? Or Communications? Or Fellowship? A printable Pastorate Assignments Sheet is here – http://tinyurl.com/hqhxjpv

Heather will be out of town Monday-Wednesday, March 20-22. Please contact either Scott or Diane if you need anything.

Sunday, April 16, 9:00 am – 10:15 (during Sunday School) – Easter Brunch with Guest Speaker Larry McGuire. This is a planned brunch so come hungry and ready to fellowship with each other on what will be a fine Easter morning.

Sunday, April 23, 2:00- 3:30 pm @ TBW – Child Youth Worker Training Boundaries Class. Any person that might be working with Children/Youth must take this class. This class will be followed by the Child/Youth Worker Core Training from 3:45-5:45pm – All priesthood members and anyone working with Children and Youth are required to have this class. If you are unsure if you have taken these classes please check with any of the pastorate to see which class(es) you might need.

Schedules are here – http://tinyurl.com/zsczltf (If you wait for the page to load, you should be able to see tabs either at the bottom or at the top of the page with the month names – you click on the month you are interested in and it should open. If you still are having problems, please let me know)

Want a printable calendar of events for your fridge? Click here – http://tinyurl.com/z72jlcu, and then click “print” in the upper right corner. Want a different month? Click the down menu on the left side with the month name.

Any announcements that you want in the weekly updates should be sent to this email address (thunderbirdwest.cofchrist@gmail.com) with the subject line “For Announcements”. The Weekly Update goes out on Wednesday evenings so any submissions for the email should be sent no later than Noon on Wednesdays.

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