Christmas Eve Service – In Search Of….

Special Requests for items for use in the Christmas Eve Service:

Heather is in need of the following items for the Christmas Eve Service:

– White Christmas Tree lights (I know we have a bunch all ready, but we can never have too many)
– Battery operated tea light and small candles
– A large Creche/manger scene (one that will fit on the Communion Table and be able to be seen by the congregation).
– I would like to have the following elements in the creche: Mary, Joseph, Baby, Shepherds, Wise Man/Men, Donkey, Cow, Sheep, Dove, and a Camel (and any “other” animals the children want to add *dogs, cats, lions, tigers and even bears*)- If your creche doesn’t have all these elements, we can supplement with stuffed animals.
– People to help bring above elements to the creche during the service (thank you to those that have already volunteered)
– Canned goods to donate to the food bank (but that doesn’t need to be brought until Christmas Eve)

Bring the items to the church at anytime by Sunday, December 18.  Please make sure your name is on anything you bring, because I won’t remember who brought what (especially lights and candles)

I will be setting up for the service on Friday, December 23 at 10am – anyone that can come help will be greatly appreciated and put to work.

Thank you in advance to help make this service possible.

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