Weekly Announcements – April 11, 2018

This week in worship:

Date: 15-Apr (Park Ministry, no service at church building)
Theme: Spiritual Connections
Plan/Preside: Jonathan Kingsley
Meet at Saguaro Park (59th & Mountain View – south of Peoria)
Bring a chair or a blanket, a small percussion instrument if you have one and a dish to share. Burgers and hot dogs will be provided.

Mark your Calendars!

Sundays, 6:00 pm – Arizona Mission Center Community Prayer Time.
Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm – Centering Prayer at TBW
Saturdays @ 4:30pm – Tonopah small group meets.

Pastorate Announcement:
    Our electric organ has been a faithful old friend for many years. It served us well for a long time, but today electric organs have little or no value.
    Two or three years ago, Heather asked an organ specialist to check it out to make sure it was healthy. The result of his inspection was not good. He felt that the cost of repairing the organ was not practical, particularly, since the cost of repair would be more than the organ was worth. Also, he couldn’t guarantee that the repairs would even last very long.
    The organ now occupies quite a bit of prime space on the rostrum. Connie, our music director, is looking forward to making that area available for other music needs, both vocal & instrumental.
    At no cost for us, arrangements have been made for it to be removed in the next couple of week.
—Pastor Jared Ingram

Small group interest survey update– Diane has 7 groups sign up and all had a different interest: Buckeye location study, hiking/walking, young adult, Graceland coffee morning, Dining Group. Diane is asking if there is an interest in anyone facilitating one of these groups.

April 15 Worship at the Park Gathering @ 10:00, worship @ 10:30- Meet at Saguaro Ranch Park (59th & Mountain View – south of Peoria Ave). Click here for more information. If you have a percussion instrument, bring it along. You might want to bring a chair or blanket as well. Picnic lunch after the service – burgers and hot dogs provided, but bring a dish to share. See Johnathan for more information.

April 20-22, 2018 @ Whispering Pines – Spring Youth Retreat. See flyer for details. Contact Nichelle Collins at 602-312-4562 for more information. Planning on going – email admin@azcofchrist.org so they order enough food.

Saturday, May 19, 2018 – Adventure Crew is going to “Feed My Starving Children” to help fill food boxes. There are many spots to fill and is open to anyone from the Mission Center. Contact Kevin Harper (keeve@cox.net or 480-399-5345) for more information.

Service audio tracks and Powerpoint are available here http://tinyurl.com/TBW-Worship-Audio
Schedules are here – http://tinyurl.com/TBWWorship
Calendar of events is here –http://tinyurl.com/TBWEvents

Any announcements that you want in the weekly updates should be sent to this email address (thunderbirdwest.cofchrist@gmail.com) with the subject line “For Announcements”. The Weekly Update goes out on Wednesday evenings so any submissions for the email should be sent no later than Noon on Wednesdays.

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