Christmas Eve Service – In Search Of….

Special Requests for items for use in the Christmas Eve Service:

Heather is in need of the following items for the Christmas Eve Service:

– White Christmas Tree lights (I know we have a bunch all ready, but we can never have too many)
– Battery operated tea light and small candles
– A large Creche/manger scene (one that will fit on the Communion Table and be able to be seen by the congregation).
– I would like to have the following elements in the creche: Mary, Joseph, Baby, Shepherds, Wise Man/Men, Donkey, Cow, Sheep, Dove, and a Camel (and any “other” animals the children want to add¬†*dogs, cats, lions, tigers and even bears*)- If your creche doesn’t have all these elements, we can supplement with stuffed animals.
– People to help bring above elements to the creche during the service (thank you to those that have already volunteered)
– Canned goods to donate to the food bank (but that doesn’t need to be brought until Christmas Eve)

Bring the items to the church at anytime by Sunday, December 18. ¬†Please make sure your name is on anything you bring, because I won’t remember who brought what (especially lights and candles)

I will be setting up for the service on Friday, December 23 at 10am – anyone that can come help will be greatly appreciated and put to work.

Thank you in advance to help make this service possible.

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