Weekly Announcements – July 3, 2019

This week in worship:

July 7 Discover Joy in Sharing
Ordinary Time (Proper 9)
LUKE 10:1–11, 16–20
Plan/Preside: Leonard Speer
Speaker: Prayer and Testimony
Music: Heather Featherstone
Deacon: Eldora Engebretson and Brad McMillan
PPt: Heather Featherstone
Greeters: Wanda and Jared Ingram
Nursery: No Nursery

Mark your Calendars!

Sundays, 6:00 pm – Arizona Mission Center Community Prayer Time.
Tuesdays @ 6:00 pm – Game Night at Eldora’s home

ATTENTION PLANNERS/PRESIDERS: Bulletins will be printed on Friday evenings (after 7:00 pm). Please send a copy of your service (or give a hard copy) to Heather Featherstone (heather.featherstone1972@gmail.com) no later than the Friday before your service, or your bulletin may not get printed. Also, please make sure you have given a copy of your service to the person scheduled to create your powerpoint presentation by the Wednesday for your service – again, if not available by Wednesday, your presentation may not get done.

“Just One Thing” – In order to assist the Valley View Food Bank, we are asking each family to sign up to bring “Just One Thing” on the third Sunday of the month. Each family would be responsible for donating their one item once a month for the next year. If you are feeling really generous, feel free to sign up for more than one thing, but it’s not necessary. Here is the list (https://tinyurl.com/TBW-Just-One-Thing) to sign up or email thunderbirdwest.cofchrist@gmail.com with your one thing and your name will be added to the list.

Harrison Harper will be baptized Sunday, July 7. The family invites all those to are able to attend this meaningful sacrament for Harrison and his journey. See Kevin or Robyn for the time of the service.

Sunday, July 14, after services: Potluck followed by a town hall meeting with the Mission Center Leadership to discuss the various paths forward in light of the resources and vision for the mission of Christ as we live it out in AZ. Topics may include (but not limited to) looking to a volunteer team of MCPs and an option to merge with another MC in the future. Knowing that there could be several other ideas yet to consider and with a desire to explore those already suggested. This isn’t to be all-encompassing, but it would at least provide a starting point for individual input and sharing, take a temperature on the ideas already offered, and invite more specific questions for consideration.

Upcoming eLearning Classes: Ministry and Priesthood classes will open for enrollment July 10 for 8-week online sessions (limited space available). Each class includes Temple School credit:
Introduction to Priesthood Ministry (MP300): 8-weeks, August 8-September 27 – $25
Ministry of the Priest (MP304): 8-weeks, August 8-September 27 – $25
Ministry of the Elder (MP305): 8-weeks, August 8-September 27 – $25
Children and Youth Worker Core Training enrollment continues through July 15
To enroll, go to developmetrics.org and click on the “USA Registration Form.”

Audio tracks and Powerpoint – http://tinyurl.com/TBW-Worship-Audio
Schedules – http://tinyurl.com/TBWWorship
Calendar of events – http://tinyurl.com/TBWEvents

Any announcements that you want in the weekly updates should be sent to this email address (thunderbirdwest.cofchrist@gmail.com) with the subject line “For Announcements”. The Weekly Update goes out on Wednesday evenings so any submissions for the email should be sent no later than Noon on Wednesdays.

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